Thursday, May 3, 2018

Exhibition Reflection

        Last Thursday 4.26 , we had Exhibition for the whole day. Lots of students and parents came. I wasn't that shy when I was explaining because I did lots of these things in my old school. It was actually kind of fun but tired at the same time because we had to stand for a long time.

        Our Central idea was 'We have the power to change the attitudes of people towards gender identities'. We tried to change the bathroom signs and change people's attitudes towards gender identities at the same time. We tried to make up our own icon that doesn't stereotype, but we couldn't think of one so we looked for lots of articles.

        We thought of lots of icons that we could use. We couldn't really find or make one that is not gender stereotyping so it was kind of hard. Then we made a icon with a stick man making a 'W' with their arm for women and 'M' for man. We thought we could use it but people who don't understand English would not understand the icon. We thought that could be a big problem because 'W' is for women and 'M' is for man.

        After we thought it will be hard to use the icon, we looked and looked for more good icons. Each of us looked on different websites and share it to each other. Then we found this website that a company called 'SomeOne' made and there was this icon that we thought we could use it in UNIS. We asked the company if we could use the icon, and their answer was 'Yes'. Then we printed them out and put it on our bathroom doors to check if people can understand the sign. But it didn't work well because some people took the signs away. But we still thought we could use it.

        After the test, We presented in front of Dr.Barder and other head of school teams. They liked the sign that we made better then the sign that 'SomeOne" made. Because the sign that 'SomeOne' made, man had leg open (normal) and women had leg closed with a curvy body. They said the 'SomeOne' icon could stop one stereotype but start another one because not all women have curvy body. They suggested that we could have a contest with students drawing the signs that they want and choose the signs by the survey.

        Exhibition was really fun and tired. I think we did a really good job. The best part when preparing our exhibition was the part when we presented in front of Dr.Barder. We were so nervous but it was great!  Our exhibition was amazing! My grandma and my parents were really proud of me. Everything went well!

(Picture of our icon that we made)

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