Monday, March 26, 2018



At March 15, 9:00 Am  Grade 4 and 5 had a music concert. We were allowed to wear any formal clothes. Grade 4, 5 students sang songs and play instrument. In my opinion concert was interesting.

The Grade 5 band started the concert. We played 3 songs. (Lightly Row, Let’s Rock and Mickey Mouse March) There were lots of instruments so there were lots of sounds. The rhythms were different because some of them went too fast so sometimes the rhythm wasn’t right. It was really exciting before we started to play instruments and when we were playing instrument.

After the band, Grade 5 strings went on to the stage. I was band not strings. When strings were playing we had to pack up, and go up to Ms.Noor’s room. We had to wait in there for almost 30 minutes. Our teachers didn’t turn on the concert from the projector for first few minutes, so it was really boring. We could only see the violin solo, and violin duet when teachers turned on the projescter.It was really uninteresting.

Lastly Grade 4 and 5 did singing together. Grade 5 were still on the stage and Grade 4 came up and down from the doors and stand on the stairs. It looked really cool when we were practicing, because we didn’t know that they were coming to sing with us. It was really awesome.

However, In my opinion our concert was really interesting. Our concert was really unforgettable.

This is a response to the Grade 4 and 5 music concert. The purpose of a response to the music concert is to retell and judge.

One thing I did well in my writing was describing when and where the concert was.

One thing I would change is write more and describe more at the conclusion.

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