Monday, January 8, 2018

Day 1/Monarchy

Day 1 Reflection
A monarchy means to me is first choose the king with the cake(?).
And the person who has the piece with something on it or in it, that person is
the king.When you choose the king we have to listen to him,let him go in and
out first and do some other things
In a monarchy the citizens have to listen to the king and do what he says.
The government has to make sure that people are listening to the king.
A monarchy is successful when every one listens to the king and don't
complain at what king says.
personal comment
Being a part of a monarchy made me feel not really good but It was not really
I would change that we can sit down before the king comes in.
I would keep that the king choosing the subject because some of them
might be what we want to do.
A colour I would choose to represent monarchy would be
Green because it is peaceful.
A symbol I would choose to represent monarchy would be
👌←this symbol because It was not bad but It was not that good.
An image I would choose to represent monarchy would be
Image result for NatureThis picture because it has lots of nature and It is peaceful.It also show lots of trees🌲 which makes me think of
making the world a better place.

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  1. I agree with you with the picture that you used for monarchy because monarchy is really nice and bright and is really calm.So I agree with you with the picture.