Thursday, January 11, 2018

Day 3/Dictatorship

Day 3 Reflection  
A dictatorship means a person leads everything.
In a dictatorship the citizens have to listen to the leader and do what she/he
The government has to make people organized.
A dictatorship is successful when people listens to the leader.
personal comment
Being a part of a dictatorship made me feel bad but kind of OK.
I would change the space where only Ms.Angela could go.
I would keep nothing.
A colour I would choose to represent dictatorship would be pink because It was
not fun but It was not that bad because I just stayed quite when I was in the
class room.
A symbol I would choose to represent dictatorship would be
😪⇽this because It was kind of boring, because It was just not fun.
An image I would choose to represent dictatorship would be
Image result for comfortable placeThis picture because this place looks comfortable
to me and Ms.Angela had her own space where was comfortable, so that's why I chose this picture. 

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  1. I think you did a good job explaining your thoughts and how you felt at that time.
    Next time you can explain more why you chose this....etc...
    You did a great job on explaining your feelings at that time.