Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Day 2/Anarchy

Day 2 Reflection  “Anarchy sounds good to me. Then someone asks, 'Who'd fix the sewers?'”
An anarchy means when there's no leader and everyone has no orders to do.
In an anarchy the citizens have to try to speak up and try to lead people.
The government has to make things organized.
An anarchy is successful when people speak up and try to help each other.
personal comment
Being a part of anarchy made me feel happy because we didn't really study
and we mostly only played games.
I would change nothing.
I would keep the part where we get to play games and go on our computers.
A colour I would choose to represent anarchy would be yellow because some
people might like it when there's no leader.But it might be messy
and every one will don't know what to do when there's no leader.
A symbol I would choose to represent anarchy would be 😩⇽ this because
When there's no leader that place will be dirty and not organized.
When we went in the classroom, our classroom was really messy so we cleaned it up.
Image result for messy classroom
An image I would choose to represent anarchy would be
This picture.
because our classroom was messy (like in the picture) when we entered the room.

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