Thursday, November 23, 2017

Math Fraction Discovers

Fraction discovery pictures/videos


🍕Fraction pizza🍕 made with U jeong(U jeong's blog),Chloe.S/Hye Joo(Shin' blog)

(U jeong was next to me,so you might see her leg of her foot...👣)

I noticed that for example when it's 1/8 you need 8 of them to make a whole.
(example:1/10 you need 10 of them)


  1. I liked how you made into different fractions to make a hexagon. Next time you can figure out many more ways to make the hexagon.

  2. I like that you had a really interesting fration pieces but maybe you could put your camera somewhere else in a right,good angle.But everything else was good!