Thursday, September 7, 2017


 Yesterday 5 graders classrooms were the countries.Our teachers were acting.It was fun but it was kind of confusing and some were hard to do it.I think Misrolandia (our class) was the hardest and the tiredest.But it was fun to work with friends and I think we had lots of team works.But when I had to go to another place I was kind of worried but exited.Because I didn't know what would happen but in someways I thought it could be fun so I was exited.

I will choose a color,symbol and a image about feelings that I felt yesterday.

I choose the color orange because It was fun but I was kind of tired and my feeling was kind of angry when we couldn't turn on the AC in Misrolandia. So I choosed  orange which is kind of red but  yellowish.

I choose this symbol šŸ˜µ because It was kind of confusing when we had to move from a country to another country.And sometimes it was hard to do things and some were confusing to solve it in Misrolandia.

I choosed this image because It was fun but I was tired and kind of angry so I choosed this image.If it was only fun and not tired I could do a picture of a thumb up or a happy face but I was kind of tired so I choosed this picture

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