Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mind map

This is my mind map.This shows my identity.
There are Art,my hometown,my dreams,favorites,my family and hobbies.
In art there are drawing and painting.
-I wrote it because I like to draw and paint-
In hometown there are Korea and south Korea.
-I wrote it because I am from south Korea in Korea-
In my dreams there are Hopes and Jobs.
In jobs there are Doctor and an Artist.
-I wrote it because my mom wants me to be a doctor and I want to be an artist-
In hopes there is live in a big house.
-I wrote it because when I get older I want to live in a big large house-
In favorites there are music and animals.
In music there are singing,movies,dance and you tube.
-I wrote it because all of them has a music in it-

In animals there are cats and dogs.
-I wrote it because both of them are my favorite animals-
In my 5 family members there are my mom,my dad and 2 brothers.
-I wrote it because they are all my family members-
In my hobbies there is sports.
In sports there are Jump rope and badminton.
-I wrote it because jump rope and badminton both of them are my favorite-

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