Monday, September 19, 2016

Still life:Vase With Fourteen Sunflowers-1888 by Vincent van Gogh

I see a vase
I see a color blue/white and yellow(orange)
I see 14 sunflowers
There is 14 sunflowers
14 sunflowers are in the vase
It has a blue and yellow(orange) background

I recognize this feeling when I was sad when  was coming back from Korea to Vietnam
It reminds me of my mom because her favorite flower is a sunflower

There are some colors used in the picture like yellow,orange,blue,white,brown and green
I think the artist use the color orange and yellow the most
I think the sunflower is the most important thing in the picture because there is only sunflower in the picture
I don’t really know about this  artist but I think his wife was dead and her favorite flower was the sunflower  and he miss the wife and he drew the of that
I think the title should be ‘14 beautiful sunflowers’
I think he made this picture because he missed his wife
I will give him a high grade like 100!!!because this reminds me of my mom ^^
He did a great job!!!!because It kind of looks real