Sunday, May 13, 2018

Transition Reflection

  Transition Reflection

5C went to a trip on May 8, 2018 to K1, and we walked to K1. We went there to learn the transition between K1 and Middle school. It was a hot day and I felt like I was melting.

Firstly, when we went to K1, we sang a song called ‘Open Shut Them‘ It was really funny because we did what babies do. After singing the song, we did math. We showed numbers in different ways with our fingers.

Secondly, Ms. Angela read us a book. The books title was ‘Who Sank The Boat’. The characters were cow, donkey, sheep, pig, and a mouse. Some of our classmates became the characters in the book, and rest of us became the outside of the boat. I was the outside of the boat, and when the characters came in we shaked. When all the characters rode on the boat, the boat sank down. We discussed who sank the boat, and there was no answer.

Thirdly, we sang another song called ‘Speckled Frog’ 5 of our classmates became a speckled frog this time. We danced (moved) with our hands. At first I just followed my friends because I didn’t know the lyrics and what to do. We learned the Speckled frog song and we learned how to count to 5, and how to count backwards from 5.

Lastly, we took photos with the objects. We had to take pictures of different objects. We had to take pictures of objects with numbers, like 1 pencil, 2 eraser, 3 paper, etc.. and we had a bit of free time. Trip to ECC was fun, but I kind of didn’t like it at the same time.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Exhibition Reflection

        Last Thursday 4.26 , we had Exhibition for the whole day. Lots of students and parents came. I wasn't that shy when I was explaining because I did lots of these things in my old school. It was actually kind of fun but tired at the same time because we had to stand for a long time.

        Our Central idea was 'We have the power to change the attitudes of people towards gender identities'. We tried to change the bathroom signs and change people's attitudes towards gender identities at the same time. We tried to make up our own icon that doesn't stereotype, but we couldn't think of one so we looked for lots of articles.

        We thought of lots of icons that we could use. We couldn't really find or make one that is not gender stereotyping so it was kind of hard. Then we made a icon with a stick man making a 'W' with their arm for women and 'M' for man. We thought we could use it but people who don't understand English would not understand the icon. We thought that could be a big problem because 'W' is for women and 'M' is for man.

        After we thought it will be hard to use the icon, we looked and looked for more good icons. Each of us looked on different websites and share it to each other. Then we found this website that a company called 'SomeOne' made and there was this icon that we thought we could use it in UNIS. We asked the company if we could use the icon, and their answer was 'Yes'. Then we printed them out and put it on our bathroom doors to check if people can understand the sign. But it didn't work well because some people took the signs away. But we still thought we could use it.

        After the test, We presented in front of Dr.Barder and other head of school teams. They liked the sign that we made better then the sign that 'SomeOne" made. Because the sign that 'SomeOne' made, man had leg open (normal) and women had leg closed with a curvy body. They said the 'SomeOne' icon could stop one stereotype but start another one because not all women have curvy body. They suggested that we could have a contest with students drawing the signs that they want and choose the signs by the survey.

        Exhibition was really fun and tired. I think we did a really good job. The best part when preparing our exhibition was the part when we presented in front of Dr.Barder. We were so nervous but it was great!  Our exhibition was amazing! My grandma and my parents were really proud of me. Everything went well!

(Picture of our icon that we made)

Monday, March 26, 2018



At March 15, 9:00 Am  Grade 4 and 5 had a music concert. We were allowed to wear any formal clothes. Grade 4, 5 students sang songs and play instrument. In my opinion concert was interesting.

The Grade 5 band started the concert. We played 3 songs. (Lightly Row, Let’s Rock and Mickey Mouse March) There were lots of instruments so there were lots of sounds. The rhythms were different because some of them went too fast so sometimes the rhythm wasn’t right. It was really exciting before we started to play instruments and when we were playing instrument.

After the band, Grade 5 strings went on to the stage. I was band not strings. When strings were playing we had to pack up, and go up to Ms.Noor’s room. We had to wait in there for almost 30 minutes. Our teachers didn’t turn on the concert from the projector for first few minutes, so it was really boring. We could only see the violin solo, and violin duet when teachers turned on the projescter.It was really uninteresting.

Lastly Grade 4 and 5 did singing together. Grade 5 were still on the stage and Grade 4 came up and down from the doors and stand on the stairs. It looked really cool when we were practicing, because we didn’t know that they were coming to sing with us. It was really awesome.

However, In my opinion our concert was really interesting. Our concert was really unforgettable.

This is a response to the Grade 4 and 5 music concert. The purpose of a response to the music concert is to retell and judge.

One thing I did well in my writing was describing when and where the concert was.

One thing I would change is write more and describe more at the conclusion.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Discussion)Should my grandpa be the king of South Korea?

Should my grandpa be a king of South

South Korea is a busy place and my grandpa ‘Ha Jong Hwan’ loves us and
helps us a lot.Some people wants my grandpa to be the king and some people

Firstly reason that my grandpa should be the king is because then
we will have lots of money. And if we have  a lot of money our life will get easier
to live. When we feel like we have enough money
we will donate the money to people who needs it.

Secondly reason that he should be the king is because then he won’t have to work
and we will have lots of time to play with us. If we play together we will be fun.
We can spend more time with him because he’s not going out or work.

On the other hand the first reason that my grandpa shouldn’t be the king is
because than he will only stay in our house and will not work. If he doesn't work
he will get weaker and weaker. If he becomes weaker and weaker he will only
have to stay in the hospital.if he only stays in the hospital we won’t have time
to meet each other so he will be lonely.  

The second reason that my grandpa shouldn’t be the king is because
he would have to rule Korea so he will be really busy. If he’s really busy
he won’t have time to rest. And he will be really tired.

However I think my grandpa shouldn’t be the king of Korea.
Because he will be tired to rule Korea. And in his age,
he should have time to exercise, be healthy and rest.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fraction Dos and Don'ts

Fraction Dos and Don'ts
When you are adding or subtracting fraction..
If you are adding a fraction you don't add the denominator.
If you are subtracting a fraction you don't subtract the denominator too.
When you are adding or subtracting a fraction you need to  multiply the denominator and multiply the same number to the numerator.
here is the example:

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Day 5/Governance opinion


     🙆 I prefer Anarchy because It was really fun because we could do everything.But I think if we leaved it like that we might have trouble because there's no leader.

    🙅 I didn't like dictatorship because Ms.Angela did everything she wants.It was not really fun.